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The “Prayer Warriors” committee will be meet together first at the Countryview Christian Church. There will be a devotional time followed by community prayer. And then, plans include traveling to physical locations throughout our North Mac community to form a “Prayer Circle” that can saturate that building and all who serve within in concentrated prayer.

“Greetings and Goodies” is a group that plans to package cookies that will later be delivered to our police, fire, ambulance, and city workers. This group will also be writing letters of encouragement and support.  What a fun way to show how much we appreciate those who are willing to put themselves in harms way to protect us!

The “Volunteer and Mission Outreach” committee will be preparing hygiene/medical kits that will later be shipped to all corners of the world. This is a perfect committee for those who physically can’t do much. You only need to sit, sort, and package. No strenuous activity…simply creating a small kit that can mean so much to those in times of disaster, or in third world countries where hygiene kits like these can mean the difference between life and death.

The “Hands and Feet” committee already has a number of projects lines up. They will be removing sanding, and painting the dugout benches at the West Park in Virden. Others are needed to help paint fire hydrants. Still others will be helping out at the homes those who can no longer do the tough stuff like cleaning gutters, and trimming hedges. The members of this committee plan put their backs into it! And, depending on the number of people who volunteer, and the weather that morning, they will help as many folks as possible with fall clean-up.

 The “Kids Can Minster 2”  committee needs help with the youngest members of our congregation as they travel to our two area nursing homes to present their own special church service and visitation for the residents there. If you have ever been at the nursing home when children arrive, you know the pure joy it brings for the residents.  Now add singing, and hugs, and smiles and you have a perfect Sunday morning! Depending on the number of children we can wrangle, we’ll need vehicles and drivers that can carry our precious cargo (and car seats) to and from the nursing homes in Virden and Girard. We’ll need 1 adult for every 2 children.

“Soul Food” is a group of women and men who love to cook! They will be preparing meals for distribution to those in need as well as preparing a noon meal that will be shared by everyone who chooses to participate in Faith in Action. What a great way to end this special Sunday—by sitting down as believers and sharing a meal TOGETHER—just as the early Christians did!

So that’s it!  There is surely something for each and every one of us to do on Sunday.  Each committee has at least two leaders, it is their job to organize the tools and the plan to make their particular “Faith in Action” ministry successful. That means they may, if you sign up for their committee, ask for your help in the planning stages prior to Sunday.

“CHURCH” will begin that morning at 9:30 AM with everyone gathering together in the sanctuary for a very short prayer time and blessing.  By 9:45 we will be headed to our respective “mission fields” to put our Faith in Action. Pastor John will travel from group to group with his own volunteers to help record and photograph the morning activities. At 12:00 noon we will return to the church for a potluck meal that we will share together. The meat will be provided!!

Now it is time–take a step forward. Put your name on one of the sign up sheets at the front of the sanctuary. Make the commitment to not only be a part of this special day, but to pray for it’s success. May God bless our efforts as we put our Faith in Action!

Faith in Action began in 2012 with Pastor John Parrish’s vision of putting “feet” to our Sunday morning worship. Once a year we step out of the pews and instead go into the community where we try to make a difference in a variety of ways. Children visit the nursing homes to sing to the residents, ladies bake cookies to take to our community service members such as police, fire department, and more. Others paint fire hydrants, or spruce up parks, or clean gutters of shut-ins, the list there is endless. Still others take the time to send notes of encouragement, or simply bow in prayer for those in our community who struggle each day. There’s even a group that prepares items for the foreign mission fields. There is so much to be done, and so many that are able to help.  Perhaps that is why in 2016 not just First Baptist, but 6 other area churches are joining forces to make Faith in Action reach even farther and do even more for our North Mac community.  

Faith In Action…

Here’s a sampling of what you can do to help on Faith In Action Sunday: