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The most wonderful part of this Miracle is not the amount of money raised.  What was most amazing was the step of faith taken by everyone who chose to participate.  God heard the prayers of his people, the laid upon their hearts, an amount to give.  And then He blessed it.  Like he multiplied the fish and bread—He multiplied our gifts.  Where did the 25 cents come from?  Most likely, one of our little Wednesday Night Kid’s Club kids who were present for the morning worship!  Isn’t it wonderful that God blesses a quarter of a dollar as much as he does hundreds of dollars?  It is truly the spirit in which the gift was given, not the gift itself.

Let’s not lose this feeling—and let’s not stop praying—earnestly praying for our church.  Miracle Sunday is over—and that goal was reached.  Now let us move forward together toward a greater goal—to expand the ministry and outreach of First Baptist.  Don’t stop praying for First Baptist—let’s just change the focus of our prayers.  Now that God has proven to us that with faith we can reach a goal that most of us had doubts about ever being able to achieve, let us join together to pray for even greater things for First Baptist Church of Virden.

Miracle Sunday June 8, 2008 We Believe In Miracles!